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Post Summer Skin Care


Summer Months are the best time of the year for me. I love the feel of the sun on my skin and the natural golden tan. I am gifted from its rays (of course with my spf 50 or higher on at all times). After summer is over my skin does tend to be a little leathery or dry due to exposure to the sun. Sun exposure especially causes your outer skin layer to thicken (a protective response to help lessen UV ray exposure): it’s necessary, but not the most attractive look or feel! Starting now, it is time to exfoliate and hydrate. Get that skin smooth and soft for the holidays!

The problem:

Our skin’s outer dead cell layer has thickened up, leaving it feeling rough and looking dull, weathered, wrinkly and older than it should. Age spots and freckles being exposed to more sun might have increased or darkened.

The solution:

Hydration means adding water to the outer layers of your skin. You can’t do this by drinking water, you can only add water to your skin from the outside. Adding water will make your skin dewy, moist and soft – and it will just feel better.

Exfolation means sloughing off the dry leathery stuff that’s built up on your skin to protect you from the elements; it brings new life to your skin. Exfoliated skin looks brighter, smoother and uneven pigment is less obvious … and your skin feels velvety soft, honestly!

Some things you can do at home to combat this problem -----

Exfolitationing treatments

Change how you bathe and moisturize:

1. Use gentle, hydrating glycerin soap or Sulfur free Body wash for general bathing so that you don’t over-dry your skin. Try our Honey Dew Facial Bar (which can be used all over the body) Or one of our shea butter body wash like Creamy Dreamy (which is sulfur free and comes in 6 different signature scents). Plus, only use soap on the parts of your skin that are really dirty, excessively oily, or that produce body odor. Don’t forget to use warm, not steamy hot water when you bath. Hot water pulls out more of your skin’s natural oils, which causes dryness.

2. Exfoliate in the shower or bath To maximize your moisturizer you have to shed that dead layer so products absorb deeper into skin. Using an exfoliating shower cloth or shower mitt with your cleanser helps. You can also use sea salt or sugar scrubs with natural oils to exfoliate dead skin once a week. The oils in the scrubs will keep skin moisturized and soft while sugar and salt gently scrubs away the dead skin.

3. Moisturize within 3 minutes after lightly bloting your body with a towel by using a rich moisturizer. You could use a pure oil like jojoba oil or extra virgin coconut oil, or a rich body moisturizer like our hydrating Lotion Souffle (comes in our six different signature fragrances). This keeps skin soft and dewy with sunflower, jojoba, and coconut oils. Even better is to use body oil while your skin is still damp and can absorb all the nutrients. Soul Ingredients Body oils are made with Golden Jojoba, Olive, and, Sweet almond oil and rich with nutrients that are made for dry skin repair.