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Fall Hair Tips


Fall Tips for Natural Hair

Fall is here and winter is coming time to treat your hair to some much needed Deep Conditioning treatements.  Summer was a great time to wear your hair down and let it flow, but the heat rays can be brutal on our tresses sometimes causing them to be dry and brittle which can cause breakage. Fall is the time to pay extra special attention to your hair and get it ready for the winter months.  Here are a few tips you should know to protect your hair this fall.

Co-Wash  to help with dry hair
Co-Washing is going to help get that summer hair back to shiny, healthy, and soft.  If you were doing a lot of regular shampooing due to swimming or workouts this summer, switching up to a cowash routine will help repair any damage.  Cowash often and you will see the moisture and body come back to your tresses in no time. Try Soul Ingredients' Heavenly Hair Keep It Clean and Hydrated Cowash. You'll love the results!

Deep Condition often
This should be a part of every girls regular hair regimen. We need to treat our hair well if we want it to look and feel healthy.  Colder weather and indoor heaters tend to dry our hair out - this goes for all textures but especially natural and curly textures. A weekly (depending on how often you wash your hair) deep condition will help keep the dryness to a minimum. If you live in the Los Angeles area - Come into Natural Intentions and we can give you one of our famous deep conditioning steam treatments that we customize for your hair needs.

Try a Protective style
Braids and protective styles are not only good in the summer but also in the fall and winter seasons.  When you get your protective style that is exactly what it should be doing protecting your hair. Protective styles can be an updo, braids that are NOT TIGHT, or a simple Chignon. This will protect your hair from the elements and also daily styling, heat from flat iron, curling iron etc.

Becareful with Hats and Hooded Jackets
Most times when we put our hats and hoods on we think we are protecting our hair from the elements, but depending on whether it is cotton or wool we could be causing damage.  Wool and cotton can absorb all the natural oils and moisture from our hair and snag and pull on our precious tresses. Keep this in mind when wearing hats and hoods. An easy solution for your favorite hat is to sew or pin some satin or silk material inside as a protective lining.